Background (history)

YMCA_image1Cornwall Youth Work Partnership (CYWP) was developed through discussions between the Cornwall Youth Service and members of the voluntary youth work sector. It had been recognised that there were a number of independent voluntary organisations in the County which had a focus on the social engagement of disaffected or disadvantaged Young People but which had no means to speak with a common voice and therefore limited ability to influence strategic decision makers or the holders of the purse strings. It was felt that well being of Young People would best be advanced by co-operation between the statutory and voluntary services within the County.

Image0271CYWP developed as an independent entity, retaining close links with Connexions and the Youth Service. A co-ordinator was appointed, criteria for membership and a mechanism for the election of additional member organisations were put in place and the organisation acquired independent legal status as an incorporated company and charity. These formal steps were mirrored by significant progress on a practical level, for example in joint training programmes for operational staff, a common quality assurance model and joint bids to participate in strategic initiatives coming from central government.

CYWPMeetingESF/LSC convergence funding was obtained. Using some of this funding CYWP employed a new co-ordinator in October 2008, having run for some time without one, with the aim of reducing the pressure on the partnership Directors with regard to representation, dissemination of information and administration. A contracts and development officer (also funded through convergence) was appointed in April 2009. These members of staff will be responsible for assisting partnership members with the fulfilment of the ESF/LSC convergence contract, liaising with other delivery partners and the contract holder and identifying other funding and development opportunities.