Membership application form

If you would like to apply for membership to the Cornwall Youth Work Partnership, please check our terms and conditions and fill in the form below.

Name of Organisation (parent body, where appropriate)
Please confirm that your organisation is able to meet our criteria for membership. If you are unable to tick any box please provide an explaination for each unchecked item in the box provided.
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What are the aims and objectives of your organisation
Staffing structure (fulltime, part time, session and volunteers)
Main sources of funding
Current concerns/issues faced by your organisation
What do you see as the main benefits of being a member of CYWP
What are your concerns and issues regarding the membership of CYWP
What can you bring to the partnership
What do you hope that membership of the partnership will mean to your organisation
Use this box for further relevant information (geographical coverage, numbers worked with, core values with regard to youth work and types of issues tackled by your organisation)