Safer Future Communities Launch on the 11th of July

On the 11th of July at Devonport Guildhall, Cornwall Voluntary Sector ForumCasap, Devon Reform, DACVS and CVA Torbay will be launching the Home Office sponsored Safer Future Communities Network for the Peninsula. The Safer Future Communities Network hopes to pull together the VCS into a dynamic and vibrant group that can influence the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) but also act as a channel for communication between the Third Sector and the PCC. There will be considerable changes to commissioning arrangements and potential opportunities for the VCS, but we have to prepare now. The network will consist of all the VCS that have a role to play in working with offenders and wider community safety issues.

The aim of the launch is to:

  • Inform and impart Knowledge about the role of the PCC and what the changes might mean. The first part of the day will bring together a wide panel of professionals who will give an overview of the changes from their perspective. These include Sue Howl , the Chair of the Police Authority Transition Group, Nicola Channon, Sarah Hopkins and Verity Bennett from the Community Safety Partnerships across the peninsula, the Network leads Ruth Walls, myself and Lydia Billson, Clinks to provide an overview of Safer Future Communities aims and objectives, Georgie Constable on Victim Support, Probation and the Police. This session and the whole of the days proceedings will be chaired by Robbie Nairn OBE, and an opportunity to ask questions will follow.
  • What we do and how we do it. Through interactive presentations from a few VCS Organisations, we will showcase those that directly work with offenders, those that indirectly work on issues that impact on community safety and those that may not identify themselves as having a role to play; but do. The aim is to map what we are doing and to share good practice and to get the delegates thinking about what they add in terms of social value.
  • Themes that are important to the PCC and the Priorities of the Sector. In the third part of the day, and within groups we will go further and look at themes that will be of concern to the PCC and communities in general, such as substance misuse and its impact on communities, anti social behaviour, diversionary activities, violence against women and girls and so on. It is in this part that we will gather and collate information from the VCS to feed into the Police and Crime Plan that will be put before the PCC Booking details: the event is free and refreshments/lunch will be provided.
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