The Young Foundation Publishes ‘A Framework of Outcomes for Young People’

The Young Foundation has today published ‘A Framework of Outcomes for Young People’, produced on behalf of the Catalyst Consortium and funded by the Department for Education.

The Framework:

  • Proposes a model of seven clusters of social and emotional capabilities, such as ‘Communication’ and ‘Managing Feelings’ and uses an evidence base to demonstrate their link to outcomes such as educational attainment, employment, and health.
  • Sets out a matrix of available tools to measure these capabilities, outlining which capabilities each tool covers, and key criteria that might be considered in selecting an appropriate tool – such as cost or the number of users.
  • Outlines a step by step approach to measuring these capabilities in practice, that is illustrated in four case studies that exemplify how the Framework might be used by providers, commissioners and funders.

For further information and to read the document, visit:

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